Pro Bowl Trivia: Just What You Were Looking For

February 07, 2008 |

I know that you are all geared up for the Pro Bowl this weekend. I have my Hawaiian shirt and my Mai Tai’s ready to go.  Here’s a little trivia for you (check out the last questions):

* What confernence has the record for most points scored in the Pro Bowl? Answer: NFL in 2004. The NFC scored 55 points thanks to Marc Bulger’s 4 TD passes.

* What is the name of the Pro Bowl MVP award and who is it named after?  Answer: The Dan McGwire Award- named after longtime sports columnist for the Honolulu Advertiser. Started in 1984.

* What year did the NFL move the Pro Bowl to Hawaii? Answer: 1980- in order to boost attendance and to give the players incentive to participate

* In 1984- the AFC set a record for losing by how many points in the Pro Bowl? Answer: 42  Joe Theisman went 21-27 for 242 yds with 3 TD’s to lead the NFC to a 45-3 rout.

* NY Giants won the Super Bowl with theri Defense. How many players on the Giants Defense will start in the Pro Bowl? Answer: NONE  Only Osi Umenyiora will be at the Pro Bowl as a reserve.

Time for a nap…..