Pro Football H.O.F. Class of 2008

August 03, 2008 |

Tonight the Pro Football Hall of Fame welcomed another great class. While Gary Zimmerman, Emmit Thomas, Fred Dean, and Andre Tippett are all very deserving of thier enshrinements this year will be remembered for the 2 Redskins who had their day in the sun.

While the people of Baltimore have many good reasons to hate the Redskins those reasons can’t include Art Monk and Darrell Green. Even the most ardent Redskin hater has to admit that Monk and Green played the game the right way and handled themselves equally as well off the field.

It was fitting that after 9 years of failure Monk finally got to go in the same year as his teamate and good friend. Both men had great introductions by their sons and gave great speeches. It was a great day for Pro Football no matter what team you root for every Sunday.