Purple and Orange Together?

April 20, 2009 |

  I’m encouraged to see the Ravens and Orioles are getting together for some joint promotions.  In the past, it seemed like the Orioles considered the Ravens their competition.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The fans of this city support both teams.  Admittedly, leaning toward the Ravens. 

  So far, this year, I’ve seen the purple O’s hat promotion at the Yard and that you can get into the Orioles game with your ticket from the Ravens fanfest.  These are both good ideas.  As much as I hate the O’s hat, anything that links the two teams is a good start.  That O’s hat really has to go.  For some reason, it implies zerO’s.  A purple one isn’t any better than an orange and black one.

  The good news is that the Orioles seem to be embracing their neighbors, as they should have long ago.