Questions, Comments and Concerns

July 06, 2009 |

Sometimes in the sports media world we are forced to deal with tragedy and must talk about it whether we want to or not. Steve McNair’s tragic death has been the topic of conversation for the weekend and probably will continue to be until all the details come out. I have made it known how I feel on the topic, so this blog will be my traditional questions, comment and concerns:


Who is the more dominate athlete, Tiger or Roger?

There is no question that both players are clearly the most dominate athletes of their sport, but who is more dominant?I know people are quick to anoint Federer as the better athlete given the physicality of Tennis to Golf but I still lean toward Tiger. Federer has won 15 majors to Tiger’s 14 but I still believe Tiger is more dominate for a myriad of reasons.

First, I consider golfers athletes and I believe hitting a golf ball consistently accurate is one of the hardest things to do in sports. People shouldn’t  discount it as a sport just because it isn’t “physical”.

Second, just seeing Tiger’s name instills fear in his other competitors and causes them to fold. Mental dominance plays just as big of a role in being dominate as athleticism does. While Federer is good, I don’t believe that people “fear” him nearly as much as golfers fear Tiger.

Lastly, Federer seems to have an equal in Rafael Nadal who has beaten the last few finals that they played in, while Tiger has no equal in his sport. It is impossible to win every golf tournament but Tiger has the best chance of winning every tournament he enters then the rest of the field does. Both are great and I love Federer but I have to give the nod to Tiger.

Has USA soccer done enough to get people to start caring?

To me- and the rest of the world- there is no more exciting sporting event then the World Cup . In all other countries outside of the United States, the country comes to a virtual stop when the World Cup is going on. The United States has been a traditional doormat in international soccer for years, but their win against Spain and hard fought play against Brazil shows they might be turning the corner.

I think if they can continue win in World Cup qualifying then the fans will start to pay attention and should be very excited come June 2010 when the World Cup starts. After upsetting Spain, even the most casual soccer fans, were excited and made it a point to watch the Brazil game. Every person that I talked to was brimming with American pride and made it a point to watch all 90 minutes of the USA/Brazil game.

If the American team can start winning some games consistently then soccer could start to become a more popular sport. Hopefully for their sake- and the sake of the sport- this happens.


I would trade anyone on the Orioles outside of Jones, Markakis and Wieters.

With the trade deadline coming up at the end of the month, the Orioles once again figure to be “sellers” instead of “buyers”. If I was Andy MacPhail I would seriously entertain the notion of trading anyone on the team outside of Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Nolan Reimold and Matt Wieters. Certainly MacPhail isn’t going to just give away Brian Roberts and Aubrey Huff, but if he can get a deal that he likes I think he should pull the trigger.

Roberts and Mora are the longest tenured Orioles but I don’t feel like the Orioles “owe” them anything and should be more then willing to trade them if a team makes a reasonable offer for them. I expect to see quite a few Orioles on the move and it wouldn’t surprise me if Jeremy Guthrie, Brian Roberts and Melvin Mora were traded. 

Dave Trembley has got to go.

I have been a proponent of Dave Trembely getting fired since the season started and I continue to echo those sentiments after some bad decision making and poor fundamental baseball from the Orioles. Managing in the American League is much easier then managing in the National League but Trembley still doesn’t seem to “get it”.

My main problems with Trembley are that I  he is to “by the book” and that he is responsible for the lack of fundamentals. Every time a pitcher reaches 100 pitches Dave Trembley is quick with to pull them and I have a major problem with that. In his last start Brad Bergesen was at 103 pitches after 8 innings bust jut retired the side on eight pitches in the last inning. There is throwing 100 pitches and there is “laboring”, and Bergesen was not laboring. Just because you have a pitchers that are your “7th, 8th and 9th inning guys” doesn’t mean you need to put them in the game in those innings.

Normally, I believe that a Major League manager really only needs to make a few decisions a game and that the players win and lose the game. I think the main role of a manager is to manage the players ego’s and make sure they know the fundamentals and in that role Trembley has failed. Every game the Orioles commit a myraid of mistakes and Dave Trembely does nothing to correct this. I know these players are veterans and should know the fundamentals, however, if they continue to make mistakes without and repercussions then they will continue make them. Trembley needs to make a statement and start benching players or even call them out publicly to light a fire under them.

I have seen enough of Dave Trembley and I know the Orioles are better off without him.

I want to see some changes in the pitching staff.

I don’t know if the Orioles feel like they owe something to Chris Ray and Rich Hill by continuing to trot them out there, but personally I have seen enough of them. I tend to give Hill more rope then Ray because he has shown success starting previously and has had a few games this year where he has looked good, but I am now at the end of my rope with Hill. Chris Ray has been awful this season and was awful the season before his injury and I feel like he should not be on this team.

I would love to see the Orioles trade Jeremy Guthrie and bring up Troy Patton and Chris Tillman. If this happens the Orioles rotation of the “future” starts to take shape with Patton, Tillman, Hernandez, Bergesen and either Bereken or Arrieta. It is not doing anyone any good- the fans in particular- to keep trotting Rich Hill out to the mound and watching him get shelled. The Orioles need to make some changes sooner rather then later.


The Orioles are starting to give up and may go on a downward spiral.

After losing 3 of four games against the Angels in which they blew two four run leads I feel like the Orioles are on their way towards another dismal second half. Players like Brian Roberts and Melvin Mora seem to be disenchanted and it looks like the players have given up on the season.  

I think the Orioles may get swept by the Mariners and if this happens, I think any possibility of reaching the .500 mark goes out the window.

It looks like its going to be another “long” summer of Orioles baseball.