Questions, Comments and Concerns

June 21, 2009 |

I decided to steal a page from Bob Haynie and Luke Jones by doing a weekly Sunday blog and I am calling it questions, comments and concerns.

This blog is an ode to my High School history teacher and JV soccer coach Mr. Johnson who used to close every class with the phrase ” questions, comments, concerns, chiao”

So here are my questions, comments and concerns for this week…..


Why does Dave Trembley rest Matt Wieters so much?


Last night Dave Trembley rested Matt Wieters for the second time in a week and inserted Greg Zaun in the lineup. Wieters is only 23 so the wear and tear of a catcher should not have the same effect on him as it does for an older catcher. Wieters is going to be the best player on the team and with the Orioles struggling to win games as is, why does Trembley insist on benching Wieters? Does he owe something to Greg Zaun? If I am the manger I might give Wieters one day off every two weeks.

Does Nolan Reimold have a legitimate shot at winning rookie of the year?


His numbers would say so and I can not really name a rookie having more success but the fact that he plays on a last place team, hurts his chances. Reimold leads all rookies in homers, batting average and on base percentage and looks to be a fixture in left field for the next 10 years. With all the publicity surrounding Matt Wieters, it has been Nolan Reimold that has been the best rookie for the Orioles, I just hope the league recognizes it. If Reimold finishes with 20 home runs he should be a shoe in to win Rookie of the Year.

Where have you gone Adam Jones?


After being among the league leaders in hitting just a few weeks ago, Adam Jones has been struggling and his average is now down to .313. The average is not my concern- I will take .313 any day- but what is concerning is that Jones seems to have reverted back to chasing pitches out of the strike zone like he did last season and he seems to be swinging for the fences. I am not overly concerned because every one goes through slumps but I would like Jones to show the discipline that he showed in the first two months of the season.


Despite his struggles at the U.S Open Tiger Woods is still the most dominate individual athlete in all sports.


It seems like people- myself included- expect Tiger to win every major he plays and considers him it a bad year if he does not win at least two Majors. Wood seems to be out of contention at the US Open and will be 0- for-2 in Majors this season. Outside of Michael Jordan, I have never seen a more dominate athlete in any sport then Tiger Woods and I am privileged to be able to watch him during my lifetime.

Brad Bergesen has emerged as the Orioles “ace”.


With all do respect to Jeremy Guthrie and his 4-7 record, Brad Bergesen really is the “ace” of the Orioles staff. Bergesen is 4-2 with a 3.94 ERA while Guthrie is 4-7 with a 5.42 ERA so can we please stop calling Jeremy Guthrie the “ace” of the Orioles and give Brad Beregsen the love that he deserves.

Sam Mayfield did the right thing.


I have always been a person that respects the history of the game and the records in baseball so I always said that if I ever catch a historic home run ball, I would give it back to the player no questions asked. On Wednesday night Sam Mayfield caught Matt Wieters’ first home run ball and was lambasted on other radio stations for the way he handled the situation. Mayfield was not at fault in the least and was completely justified in asking for what he did. In the end Wieters got the ball and that is all anyone can ask for so please leave Mayfield alone.


Michael Oher does not seem to be a media darling.


I know football is played between the lines but Oher does not seem to be a “media” darling which given his background, is completely justified. Baltimore is not really the media circus that New York, Los Angeles or Chicago are but people will still want Oher to be receptive. I do not know the circumstances of why he canceled on WNST Ravens rookie show on Tuesday night at the Barn while every other rookie showed up, but I hope this is not a trend with Oher. I personally couldn’t care less how he acts in the media as long has he is successful on the field, but people want to get to know him so for his sake I hope Oher opens up a little bit.

These are my questions, comments and concerns for the week, please let me know yours.