Quiz Time For Terp Fans

March 10, 2008 |

Books off of your desk! I want to see nothing but a number 2 pencil! It’s pop quiz time! But this quiz isn’t for everyone in the class, just those who consider themselves to be Raven and Maryland basketball fans. If you’re lukewarm on either one, then you may read quietly to yourself. Feel free to work on other homework.
1)      Did you think Brian Billick should have been fired? Yes or no?
2)      If you would have been asked in 2004 what you thought the odds were of Maryland missing the tournament three out of the next four years, what would your answer have been?
a.      Highly likely, especially since the ACC added Virginia Tech, Boston College, and Miami.
b.      50/50: Due to their national championship everyone will get geared up for them, but they should still be a very good team
c.      Highly unlikely. Gary’s intensity rubs off on his teams, and he enjoys the “us against the world” role. No matter what, he’ll find a way to win.
d.      No chance in hell! You said not make it three out of the next four years? No way!
3)      Does it bother you that Gary’s graduation rate is as bad as it is? Yes or no
4)      Do you think that it’s possible for Maryland to consistently be a top 25, perennial tournament team?            Yes or No
5)      Do you see any reason to believe that the next four years will be more successful than the last four years? Yes or No
6)      The fate of Gary Williams should be:
a.      Gary should be allowed to stay as long as he wants since he took over a program that was in really bad shape and went to two Final Fours and won a national title.
b.      Gary should be given an ultimatum that in the next three seasons his teams needed to make the Big Dance at least twice or he would be fired.
c.      Gary should be privately asked to step down by the administration because missing the tournament three out of four years in unacceptable, but the school does not want fire the most successful coach in the history of the men’s basketball program.
d.      Gary should just be fired.
That’s it. Pencils down! As you can see, there are no real right or wrong answers, but it will be interesting to see what the fans think anyway. So go ahead, pass your paper to the person behind you.