Rainy Nights/Sunnier Days

April 22, 2009 |

Wasn’t it nice to see an Oriole pitcher go five plus strong innings with more in the tank, if needed.  That’s what Brad Bergesen did for the Orioles last night. What he did for the fans was show them that its not all hype about the talented young pitching.  Bergesen pitched confidently to a pretty tough White Sox lineup.  He was poised, worked quickly, and did not get rattled the few times he had men on base.

There was also a Lou Montanez sighting at the yard.  I have no problem, for now, with the Pie experiment.  But, if Pie can’t hit he has to go.  In the AL East you can’t afford to have a light hitting corner outfielder.  I used to criticize Montanez for his lack of defense, but I do think he can hit at the big league level.  Montanez is not the young future of this ballclub at 28.  He is, however, a guy who has earned a shot.  Let’s see how he does against a tough lefty in John Danks.

So keep your heads up Orioles fans.  As is always the case, the future is coming.  I won’t get too carried away with last nights start, but  I expect more good things from Bergesen and Montanez.  Now let’s get some more young guys up here.