Random NFL Playoff Thoughts

January 15, 2008 |

How Good is Brett Favre: The word legend gets passed around way too easily in our society these days, but it probably doesn’t get passed around enough when talking about Packers quarterback Brett Favre. The old guy, who looked finished two years ago, is back after adjusting his game to avoid turnovers and trusting his young teammates. Anyone who saw him two years ago in Baltimore on that frigid Monday night can’t help but be amazed. Let’s hope he keeps playing and has a yearly pass to the fountain of youth.

Underrated: Speaking of the Packers, is it me or has head coach Mike McCarthy done one of the best coaching jobs in the NFL without anyone noticing? Again if any of you saw the Packers in December 2005 at Ravens Stadium, you would have thought this was a team headed for a long rebuilding process. Under McCarthy they have rebuilt the defense, transformed their “West Coast Offense”, and quietly taken a young group of players and developed them. Two years later they are one game away from the Super Bowl.

Ravens Offense Not Up To Top Level: While watching this weekend’s games, it became apparent that the Ravens are a mile behind offensively. These teams just look so much more talented and execute so effortlessly. Yes part of it was the scheme the Ravens have used, but I also think the Ravens lack talent and/or experience at several key positions on the offense–especially quarterback, line and wide receiver.

These positions have to be upgraded for the team to compete in 2008. With the rule changes a couple of seasons ago, you must be able to successfully throw the ball. The Ravens need to develop or draft a quarterback that’s capable of playing at this high level or else they risk staying down. A true, big- play wide receiver wouldn’t hurt. Their division rivals all have excellent and fairly young signal callers and good wide outs.

Coughlin & Turner: I thought dictators like Tom Coughlin can’t succeed in the NFL in the 21st century. Don’t players coaches win? I thought Norv Turner was too big of a moron to be a good head coach? Wasn’t that his team that won this weekend on the road and last week at home in the playoffs? Maybe we blame this on global warming or Jimmy Johnson’s hair or Terry Bradshaw’s accent?

Picks For This Weekend: I am riding with Favre and Green Bay to beat junior General Patton and the Giants at home, hopefully in the cold and snow. Brady, Moss and company at home keep their perfect season going against a feisty, but beat up Chargers team. Brady is simply on another planet right now. In Glendale, AZ it will be the Packers vs. the Patriots, Favre vs. Brady, the old gunslinger vs. the new hot shot…..nostalgia vs. history.

Romo & Simpson: So will Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson be in the stands together at the big game or will they choose the sands of Mexico again? All this talk is nonsense, made up by jealous old sports writers who still harbor dreams of Jessica Rabbit coming to life.