Random, non sports thoughts on a Tuesday night

October 17, 2007 |

So as I sit here watching the Indians – Red Sox game on, I had a bunch of non football thoughts run through my head. So I thought I would blog about them and hopefully get some feedback on them:
-          Is it weird that I ran out this morning to go and get Transformers the movie?
-          Should I really have circled Oct. 28th on my calendar since that is the release date of the new Guitar Hero III on Play station?
-          Is it to early to write to Santa Claus and ask him for an Xbox 360 for Christmas? Shouldn’t I just be able to email him now instead of having to write him?
-          While playing Madden ’08, is it normal to call a time out and talk to your television like you are talking to a real team on the sideline?
-          Can anyone recommend a place to get a tattoo done? Had all of my work done while I was in the Army, but would like to get some more done.
-          Why has pro wrestling become so unwatchable now? I remember when I was younger, I could tell you every day, time, and channel that wrestling came on. Now I could care less. Still hands down John Cena one of the worst champions ever.
-          Why do people go to a Halloween costume party and not wear a costume? Isn’t that mostly the point of the party?
-          When will HBO ever come out with the next season of The Wire? Hands down one of the best show’s in television history.
Ok, I am done now. That was my weekly rumbling, and a scary look inside some of the things that run through my head.
Although seriously if you know of a good tattoo parlor, let me know.

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