Random Ravens thoughts….

December 21, 2011 | John West

Thank you SF 49ers. We dropped the ball and you helped pick it back up for us. Thanks.

I can’t help escape the following feeling about this year’s Ravens team. When they are playing their best they are very hard to beat and clearly a Super Bowl contending team. However when they don’t play well they are pretty bad. Classic Jekyll/Hyde situation. Not perfect but I can live with it. As with the rest of you, I hope they get on a nice little roll and play the remaining games with the Super Bowl contender spirit.

When Ed Reed doesn’t want to play football, he doesn’t. I never saw Ed play as bad as he did against the Chargers. He was always 3 steps behind the play, at best. Just horrible and I have no explanation for it.

Rookie Jimmy Smith may one day be very good. I am looking forward to that day. It wasn’t last Sunday.

Ray Lewis looked really old. He got to plays later than he usually does and was not the tackling machine we have come to expect. It was obvious that this defense played great without him. The trick, that HAS to be figured out immediately, is how this defense can play at that dominating level with Ray in the lineup. It sounds weird to say but my eyes did not deceive me. For 4 weeks we were the best defense in the league. Against the Chargers the best defensive stand we had was holding them to a field goal attempt that they missed. The Chargers scored EVERY other time they touched the ball. No punts, no turnovers and no big stops on 3rd down.

I will typically participate in bashing of Cam Cameron but not this week. The offense, in particular Joe, looked bad. Joe overthrew guys. Joe underthrew guys. Joe was slow to deliver the ball and got sacked. Our wide receivers were slow to get open. Overall I would say we looked horrible. (Again, not as bad as our defense looked)

I can’t help but feel as though we have a pretty good shot of winning the last 2 regular season games and getting a #2 seed. I can’t help but feel the bye week will give us a tremendous advantage. I can’t help but feel positive that we can win all of our home games. However, I’m still not sure this is a Super Bowl winning team. We seem close but not quit there. I think we can get there. I hope we can get there. But we are not there yet.