Random Super Bowl Thoughts

February 08, 2010 | Tom Clayton

First I would like to congratulate the Saints and the entire state of Louisiana; nobody deserved a Super Bowl victory more.

I think Drew Brees cemented his bust in Canton on Sunday; I don’t think anybody could argue with his numbers but with a Super Bowl championship and MVP under his belt the debate is over. While all the talk this week was about how great Peyton Manning was and how his second Super Bowl victory would make him the greatest quarterback ever I felt like Brees was kind of kneeling in the weeds ready to shine on the biggest stage in sports. I wonder if the Dolphins still think they made the right decision when they chose Daunte Culpepper over Brees.

A big shout out also needs to go to Sean Payton for making some of the gutsiest calls in Super Bowl history. I don’t think there is a better offensive mind in football or any coach whose team is more fun to watch. Payton also deserves a lot of credit for taking a $200,000 pay cut this offseason so the Saints could sign defensive coordinator Greg Williams….I’d say that was money well spent and owner Tom Benson should give Payton a $200,000 Super Bowl bonus.

On the losing side I gained a lot of respect for Dwight Freeney who played through a tough injury and gave his team everything he had in the biggest game of the season.

And Reggie Wayne deserves a ton of criticism for absolutely not showing up in the biggest game of the season. The Tracy Porter pick-6 that essentially ended the game was caused by Wayne because he ran a half-assed slant and allowed Porter to jump the route and get in front of him.

As for things besides the game, the commercials were horrible and only one made me laugh at all and that was the Doritos commercial where the kid smacked his mom’s date and gave him his “2 Rules”.

Also could the much hyped “controversial” Tim Tebow ad have been less controversial? Way to waste your time and energy Pro-Choice groups—if you hadn’t created so much hype that commercial would have been the most overlooked ad in a sub-par year.

And regrettably I have to say that even though I am a huge fan of The Who they didn’t blow me away. Roger Daltrey sounded terrible and he resembled my uncle three Halloweens ago when he wore an Austin Powers costume. I was really jacked up for the halftime show this year because I love The Who but they left me underwhelmed and a bit embarrassed as I vehemently defended the NFL’s choice.

Overall it was a pretty solid Super Bowl on the field and I have to admit I got a little emotional during the post game as I thought of everything Saints fans have gone through and how fulfilling yesterday must have been. But as happy as I was for Saints fans the feeling I had more than anything was “I want this so bad”….and now we have a full year to wait and wish for a trip to Dallas in 2011.