Random thoughts

January 06, 2009 | Keith Melchior

After savoring the Ravens victory over Miami Sunday, I started thinking about other news in the world of sports.

A couple weeks back, quite a few people were complaining about Mark Texiera allegedly signing with the Yankees and snubbing the Orioles. So what?  The Orioles weren’t going to pay this guy 180 million to play with his hometown team. They knew it, I knew it, Mark Texiera knew it and you knew it too. I frankly didn’t want him here anyway, not at that price.  Didn’t every kid grow up with the dreams of playing for his hometown team? Well times are different now. Big money makes those dreams disappear rather easily.

I was a little taken back by the AP voting for NFL coach, rookie, and defensive player of the year and the “snubbing” of John Harbaugh, Joe Flacco, Ed Reed by the AP writers. Think about who the winners were.. Matt Ryan was the #1 selection in the draft and was supposed to pump new life into the Falcons. The spotlight was on him and he led them to the playoffs. Their coach rode his coattails and won that award. Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. James Harrison and Demarcus Ware played for Pittsburgh and Dallas respectively, and they both just happened to be on a national TV game at least 7 times during the season. The Ravens were only in the national spotlight 4 times..Pittsburgh twice, Washington and Dallas. Those writers go with who they have seen the most often. 

As for Art Modell not making the cut for the NFL HOF, I don’t see it happening for quite a while, if at all. People still think he screwed Cleveland by moving the franchise here and he will never be forgiven for it. At least we know one Raven will be in the HOF in 4 more years. That would be #75 (just in case Jared Gaither’s play this season has made you forget about him already)

Well…..The Ravens return to the scene of the crime Saturday and of course we all hope they pull off a repeat of that January day back in 2001. I think they will beat the Titans by at least 10 points.

Had some odd thoughts about this Ravens season and some comparisons to the magical year of 2000. Defense near the top, a nice winning streak, a monstrous block on a TD run (remember Sam Gash knocking Bill Romanowski into the first row on the Shannon Sharpe TD run off the Jamal Lewis deflection? Sunday Haloti Ngata blew out Ginn of the Fins during Ed Reed’s TD run) Going to Tennessee for the divisional game, then having to go West for the AFC championship game followed by the Super Bowl trip to Tampa..  Can you say Deja Vu’