Random Thoughts in the Winter of a Sports Fan’s Calendar

February 09, 2008 |

As we wait for March “Mad” ness and the hope for a quick spring so we can return to the activities of the great outdoors in relative comfort I thought I’d throw some random thoughts out to see what’s going on with the Baltimore Sports fan. Fell free to add your own.

I wonder how many youth sports coaches we have that read the WNST Blogs and what sports do they instruct our young athletes in? (For me it’s youth soccer I coach girls and Boys ages U-8, U-12 and u-14 for NPV and Eastfield in Baltimore County)

Beyond the Daytona 500 will the average sports fan in Maryland even watch a NASCAR or other series race? (I’ll take a glance at some but I will not plan my Saturday or Sunday around them)

What golf tournament if any do you watch annually? (For me it’s the Master’s and the Ryder Cup)

Do you plan on attending Opening Day? (I’ve gone the last 3 years so yes I’ll be going again.)

Will the Maryland men make the NCAA tournament? (I’d say based on current form a win at Duke may seal the deal)

Have you attended a Blast game this year? (Yes 3 or 4 myself but that’s my usual blog material for WNST)

Will you be attending the March 1st Lacrosse Face-Off at M and T? (I’d like to go see big time lacrosse for once in my life but I may have soccer obligations)

The next WWE pay per View after Wrestle mania is headed to First Mariner Arena. Is anyone going? (My son will want to but it’s a Sunday Night) BTW Kevin Eck needs a show on WNST he writes a very good Blog for the Sun

Shouldn’t we be trading Brian Roberts and dumping Mora, Huff and Millar as well? (YES to all) If you do it; don’t be a half a*% be a whole a*%!

Does anyone watch the Weather Channel or Fox News for the weather or the news? (No but the female talent on both is most of the time incredible to view especially in HD!

How many bought the New Eagles Double CD and your thoughts? ( I did buy it but I haven’t listened to it all the way through. There is alot of material and it could have been cut down to one good CD instead of a bunch of filler material)

THE QB for the Ravens in 2008 should be? (Matt Ryan) It’s time for a new direction. It is what it is.