Random Weekend Observations

January 04, 2010 | Tom Clayton


The Ravens are going to need to fix the issue they have at long snapper.  Matt Katula was the best in business but he’s killing us now and costing us points on a regular basis.  He has made maybe two decent snaps on field goals in the last three weeks and less talked about is how his poor snaps have made Sam Koch’s job infinitely more difficult.


Willis McGahee’s stiff arm yesterday was by far the best Ravens play of the season.  He laid out Hiram Eugene like Mike Tyson did Zack Galifianakis in the Hangover.


I think we saw yesterday how much Joe Flacco leans on Derrick Mason; Raiders corner Nnamdi Asomugha took Mason out of the game and Joe looked as if he had no idea what to do when he dropped back. 


Joe is also going to need to avoid taking sacks on third down.  Over the past few games Joe seems like he is getting sacked on third down at well over 50% of the time.


The Raiders look like a team that could reach respectability next year.  Their defense is pretty good, they have a cornerback in Nnamdi Asomugha that completely shuts down one side of the field and even though D.H.B. looks like he is on his way to “Bustcity” they have some talent at wide receiver.  They will need to upgrade their offensive line and quarterback (man Oakland fans are absolutely brutal on JaMarcus Russell) but I think the Cable Guy has the Raiders headed in the right direction. 


Congratulations to Denver head coach Josh McDaniels for benching his best player and starting tight end before the biggest game of the season and then having his team completely lay down against the Chiefs.  I didn’t think it was a possibility two weeks ago but I really believe there is a good shot that Brandon Marshall will be wearing purple and black next season. 


Speaking of laying down, the Giants proved what kind of heart they have getting outscored 18-85 over the last two weeks. 


Even though I hate the Patriots and it will really help the Ravens next week it is was a shame to see Wes Welker thrash his knee yesterday.  Welker is everything that is right about football; an unheralded, hard worker that has built himself into one of the best wide receivers in the league (and an absolute beast in my point per reception Fantasy Football league).


With their loss yesterday the Rams locked up a 1-15 season and the first overall pick in the draft.  If they don’t take Ndamukong Suh they should be thrown out of the league.  “King Kong” is a once in a generation talent that the Rams can build a defense around for the next decade. 


As for the Terps was anyone surprised to see them show up against an inferior team in UNC Greensboro?  And even less surprising was seeing Landon Milbourne dominate a smaller, less talented team; I would set the over/under for his points per game in the ACC at 10….any takers? 


It was nice to see Adrian Bowie actually show up and play well.  Bowie was slashing to the basket and using his athleticism to get to the bucket with ease.  I really think Bowie could be the X-Factor for the Terps in the ACC; he is the best defensive guard on the team and the Terps need him to be on the court for their press to be effective. 


Well next weekend is the most wonderful weekend of the year; Wildcard Weekend….and the Ravens are in the hunt.  I am not sure what type of chance they have at going to New England and handing the Patriots their first loss of the season at home…but like they say once you’re in the tournament anything can happen.