Random Weekend thoughts

April 07, 2008 |

As Ray Bachman is stating on the air right now…the O’s are fun to watch…Markakis, Jones, Scott…and all are giving 100% and its fun to watch…will it last…probably not, but if they try like they are right now all year…I will love this team no matter what they do.

OK QUESTION OF THE DAY…ITS JUNE 15th the ORIOLES are 500…what do you do? continue the rebuilding or go for the playoffs? Come on its fun!

Kansas vs Memphis…could be a great game…I had UCLA and Kansas as my final 2, so Kansas is no surprise here…but Memphis with their 1 loss all year was a slight surprise to me…I just felt their Free Throw shooting or lach there of would catch up to them. To Memphis’s credit they have shot over 70% in the last 2 games. With their talent if they do that tonight…they will be your champion!

Don’t sleep on the Womans Championship game on Tuesday night…Stanford who ran through MD last week…did the same to UCONN the number 1 over all seed…and they get to play TENNESSEE, (who played a tough game against LSU and got a last second tap in for the win)…and their upset that she lost the player of the year Ms. Parker…Now…Candice Parker is the best player in Womens NCAA…and should be upset that she lost the award…but this is simple in my book….STANFORD wins this game…they have a deeper more talented overall team and WIGGINS is playing better right now then anyone else…plus Ms. Parker is hurt…no matter what she says…this may not be close…

NFL draft is 19 days away…I can’t wait…Ravens will take Matt Ryan or Ryan Clady in my opinion today!

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