Ranking the Super Bowls Part 2: 21-30

February 03, 2010 | Dwayne Showalter

Well, I LOST another two hours of my life.  I don’t think there is any time travel in my future so I am gonna knock out the second part of my Super Bowl countdown before I have to wake up and dig out of the snow falling here.

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Now, on with the countdown.

30.  Super Bowl XII  Cowboys 27, Broncos 10.  The Dallas defense crushed Orange Crush.  They harassed QB Graig Morton into a 0.0 rating (“fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son”).  He was 4 of 15 for 39 yards and  threw 4 picks.  This game is the only one to feature co-MVPs.  Harvey Martin and former Terp great Randy White were a big reason Morton and his replacement went a combined 8 of 25 for 64 yards and a 1.7 rating.

29.  Super Bowl XXVI  Redskins 37, Bills 24.  This was the second game of Buffalo’s four game nightmare in the early-90s.  It also was the first and only game played in the Metrodome.  The first quarter was scoreless and then the ‘Skins rolled up 17 points before halftime.  They led 37-10 before the Bills woke up.  For Ravens fans, future Ring of Honoree Earnest Byner (cough, cough) scored the games first TD.

28.  Super Bowl VIII  Dolphins 24, Vikings 7.  Miami just pummeled the Vikings on the ground with Larry Csonka.  QB Bob Griese passed only 7 times, completing 6 for 73 yards (almost Flacco-like).  Minnesota had one chance to make a game of this one at the end of the 1st half trailing 17-0 and fumbled the ball near the goal line.  Then they butchered an on-side kick by going offsides in the second.  Their performance matched the dreary weather in Houston.

27.  Super Bowl XV  Raiders 27, Eagles 10.   Played in the days after Ronald Reagan took office and the American hostages in Tehran were released, the New Orleans Superdome was dressed with yellow ribbons.  The game featured three interceptions by Oakland LB Rod Martin, an 80-yard catch and run by Kenny King and another blocked FG by former Colt Ted Hendricks.  Philly never really was in the game trailing 24-3 after 3 quarters.  The Raiders were the first team to win as a Wild Card.

26.  Super Bowl XIX  49ers 38, Dolphins 16.  San Fran made the big game that was played in its back yard, Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto, CA.  They didn’t disappoint the locals winning for second time in 3 years.  Trailing 10-7 after the 1st quarter, the Niners ripped off 31 of the games final 37 points.  It’d be the only Super Bowl performance of Dan Marino’s career while Montana threw for 331 yards and three scores.

25.  Super Bowl XXVIII  Cowboys 30, Bills 13.  This Super Bowl is the only game to feature the same two teams from the year before.  Buffalo led 13-6 at the half of their fourth consecutive trip to the Super Bowl.  Then the Bills realized they weren’t nearly as good as any of the previous three teams and was outscored 24-0 after the half.  A defensive score started the onslaught much like the year before.  Emmit Smith played well, Thurman Thomas didn’t.

24.  Super Bowl XXI  Giants 39, Broncos 20.  The Giants trailed 10-9 at the half of their first Super Bowl appearance.  Denver could have led by more but they failed to score on three running plays after a 1st and goal at the 1, then a barefooted Rick Karlis missed the short field goal.  That was back when barefooted kickers were in vogue.  Shortly after that miss, they weren’t.  Then the Giants suffocated Denver allowing only 2 yards in the third quarter and going on a 31-3 run.

23.  Super Bowl IV  Chiefs 23, Vikings 7.  KC stamped the AFL’s arrival with the second straight win for the league.  The Chiefs pounded the Purple People Eaters with four RBs carrying a load that netted 151 yards.  Otis Taylor sealed the game for the Chiefs, streaking 48 yards across a muddy track in Tulane Stadium late in the third quarter.   For the Vikings, it was the first of four dissapointing performances over the next 8 years.

22.  Super Bowl III  Jets 16, Colts 7.  The historical signifigance of this game far outweighs the actual quality of the game.  I’m sure if you watched it live, it might have had that WOW factor, but 40 years later, its doesn’t rate high (the fact that the Colts lost couldn’t have weighed on my mind to rank it this low, right??).  The Jets got lucky.  The Colts played as poorly as they could.  Next game.

21.  Super Bowl XL  Steelers 21, Seahawks 10.  Many will remember this a game where all the breaks went in Pittsburgh’s favor.  The pass interference calls, holdings, low blocks, touchdown replays, the game being held in Jerome Bettis’ home town.  For all the Steelersbattled through to get to Detroit, it all fell their way on this day.  The game was hotly contested and Pittsburgh needed two big plays in the second half (Willie Parker’s 75 yard run and Hines Ward’s 43 yard TD catch on an end-around play) to cook the Seahawks.

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