Ravens 38 Chiefs 24

September 13, 2009 |

Good News the Ravens won and they covered the point spread!

The Ravens dominated most statistical categories but could not put the Chiefs away until the very end. I think the ravens fell in the trap of this was going to be a easy day when they went up 10-0. After a terrible series on offense where The Chiefs almost had us for a safety twice, they block a punt and score a TD. First, Did the Ravens not think they were not going to bring heat in that situation??? A team that only won two games last year? Mcgraw came in untouched!  I think that woke the Chiefs up and from that point on they competed like a NFL team should compete. Here are my grades for the Ravens:

Offense “A” 
How can you not give an A to a squad that had over 500 yards of offense. Flacco spread the ball over the whole field to a number of different players. This is a sign of a great offense. Every one plays better when they think they are contributing. I would like to see a little more balance between the run and the pass. 

Defense “A”
The Defense looked great as well. I saw some Moran in a chatroom state “The Ravnes have dropped off. They miss Rex.” I am not sure if this person watched the game or not but I do not know how someone can say that when the D only gave up a total of 188 yards. They only had 29 yards on the ground. I do think we did not get enought pressure on the QB with just 4 down lineman.

Special Teams: “D” 

Missed FG and Blocked Punt for 6 enough said.

Shumway’s Stars of the Game:

Flacco- 26/43 307 yards 3TD 1 Int.  He also made some plays with his legs. He did have all day to throw the ball. He still is young and he trys to make throws when they are not there. I think he bounces back from his mistakes and I am just realy impressed with him.

O Line- 500+ yards of offense

McGahee/Rice- Both Ran hard! and made big plays.Between the 2 of them they had 35 touches for 195 yards and 2 TD’s

Jarret Johnson-Only player to put consistent pressure on the QB. 2 sacks!

Interesting Stats:
T.O.P.-Ravens-39:49  Chiefs-20:11   This will win a lot of games!

Penalties- Ravens 8-65   Chiefs-3-15  This will lose games!