Ravens at Eagles

August 12, 2011 | Derek Halford

Well the first game is over and the Ravens lose 13-6. I’m not worried at all by their performance. It was their first game and they have a lot of rookies, 2nd year players, and first year Ravens. The team has to build chemistry and the new players need to learn the playbook.

Offensively– Joe Flacco, 3-6 for 60 yds, drove the Ravens down the field on the opening drive for a Billy Cundiff field goal. Running wise, Jason Parmele ran for 35 yds on 7 carries, Ray Rice ran for 7 yds on 5 carries, and Damien Barry and Anthony Allen each had 1 carry for 3 yds.

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining that we need a backup QB because Tyrod Taylor did horrible. Tyrod did not to horrible at all. He had a nice first pre-season game and it didnt help that the line sucked and didn’t give him time in the pocket. Tyrod Taylor, 19/28 for 179 yds, and had 6 carries for 59 yds. Yes he had 2 interceptions but if you actually looked at the plays, the one Torrey Smith got held up by the Eagles defense and didn’t get to the spot where he was suppose to be which was the same spot Tyrod Taylor thought he was going to end up. The other one Tyrod was being hurried and made a rookie mistake and forced a throw but he wouldn’t have had to force it if he actually got some time from the line. So between the line not blocking, dropped passes from receivers, and being a rookie, he had a very good game.

Wide Receivers-The receivers did not have a good game. Dennis Pitta did very well except for his 1 drop. Laquan Williams hurt his chances of making the team when he dropped a nice pass from Tyrod Taylor which would have been a touchdown if he would’ve caught it. Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith each did not have even 1 catch. We can’t have that from our 1 and 2 receivers.

The offensive line-wow horrendous,terrible, and so many other ways to describe them. In my opinion the Ravens should move Michael Oher to right tackle so that way you have a solid right side with Oher and Yanda. Hopefully Birk is healthy all season to play center and have Ben Grubbs at left guard. This way the only weak position is at left tackle and they can address that position in the draft next year. (Yes I know the left tackle is the most important but having it the way I said earlier in the paragraph would make the line better overall).

Defensively-We had great pass rushing all game which makes me excited, but we had a lot of missed tackles/sacks. There were too many times where Vince Young and Michael Vick got away when they should’ve been sacked. Pass Coverage was a little rough on Vick’s drive but they got better as the game went on. We got 1 turnover with an interception by Bernard Pollard. Looks like our Defense is going to have another good year.

Miscellaneous– The Ravens have traded their 2012 4th round pick for Bills WR Lee Evans. This was not needed in my opinion but we did not lose on this trade since we got him for a 4th round pick which is pretty good.

Questions-Do you think trading for Lee Evans was a good decision? How do you feel about the Ravens so far? What are some Pros/Cons that you see on this Ravens roster?