Ravens / Bills preview

October 22, 2010 | John West

Ravens 31- Bills 13. I find it hard to predict NFL games. There are so many variables that you just can’t factor. However, this one looks pretty easy. (I gotta think somebody in Las Vegas just KNOWS I wrote that and is smiling ear to ear)

My family has a new rule when watching Ravens games. The rule is Michael Oher cannot commit his first penalty of the game during the first drive. I shouldn’t be worried though, I am covered through my home owners’ insurance policy. I called last week and said I am watching the Ravens game and need extra home owners insurance for freak accidents while watching the Ravens play. The telephone operator said “Oh, you want the Michael Oher rider. This is becoming popular in Baltimore. For only $10 dollars a month, your house is covered up to $1,250 dollars worth of damage as a first time offense, no questions asked”. I bought it on the spot. I will let you know what the claims process is like next week.

I think Ed Reed will play. There has been no official word yet, but I think he will play. This will give him a chance to use this game as a kinda pre-season game. Play hard, take some hits, knock down a ball or two and then rest. Plus, by playing this Sunday, he will really know how close he is to being in game shape, as opposed to just having a guess. I also think Zibby will be out of this game. He is a little banged up and could use 2 weeks off. This will keep Hamlin on the team through the bye week as well.

This team has several roster decisions looming. My impression from coach Harbaugh is he needs to win this game against the Bills, but he also wants to keep as many player options open as possible, at least through the bye week.

Will Dante Stallworth be back soon? Yes. I think he will take Marcus Smiths spot on the roster. He is starting to practice and it looks like he could be active on Nov 7th against Miami.

Will Jared Gaither be back soon? Who the heck knows? I’m sure this is one of the main questions in Ravens camp. My instincts tell me they all want him back, including Jared, but that his back won’t allow him to play. I think Jared gets IR’d during the week after the bye. This is a shame, but the Ravens need that roster spot filled with someone who can step on the field and contribute, and Jared doesn’t look like he can do that this year.

Lamar Divens is going to get released and replaced with Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Willis isn’t going to get traded.

5-2 going into the bye week. Not 6-1, but still pretty good. That means we can go 6-3 the rest of the way and easily get into the playoffs at 11-5. I am not sure 10-6 will get into the playoffs this year.

Go Ravens.