Ravens-Broncos: I’ll guarantee it since no one else will

November 01, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I’ll go ahead and throw out the “G” word for this one.  

The Ravens aren’t losing today against the Broncos.


If they do, I’m obligated to sing the Broncos fight song on tomorrow morning’s show.  I don’t think I’ll be singing it, but if today’s game goes bad for the Ravens, tune in tomorrow and I’ll belt out the song for you.

Seriously — the Ravens aren’t losing today.

I know there’s some question about the weather, and poor field conditions can often lead to a dummied-down, low-scoring game – which probably helps Denver – but rain, wind or sun won’t change the outcome of this one.

The Ravens win, 27-17.  (EDIT: At 9:00 am, the weather looks more like it might yield a 17-13 game.  Either way, Ravens win.)

Baltimore’s just too backs-against-the-wall to lose this one today.  It’s not a “MUST-win”, but it’s awfully darn close.  And this Denver team, in my opinion, just isn’t as good as their record indicates.  You know the old adage, “you’re never as good as you look when you’re winning and never as bad as you look when you’re losing?”.  It fits BOTH teams today.  Denver’s not as good as they’ve looked and the Ravens aren’t as bad as they’ve looked.

It all adds up to a Ravens win over the Broncos.


You can count on one hand how many crucial home games the Ravens have lost in this decade.  Cleveland beat us the one year when Jamal ran out of bounds to stop the clock and Tim Couch ran off the field with his index finger in the air;  Tennessee knocked us out of the playoffs at home, as did Indy.  Cincinnati beat us in December one year with a furious 4th quarter rally. And, of course, Pittsburgh nipped us on the TD-that-was-or-wasn’t last year.  

The Ravens don’t lose big games at home.

And even though it’s only November 1, this one is a big one today.  It’s really big.

A loss would drop the Ravens to 3-4 and require a near run-of-the-table to get back to post-season play.  

A win puts them in good position heading to Cincinnati for a revenge match with the Bengals next Sunday. 

There’s no sense in trying to downplay the importance of today’s game.  It’s huge.

And that’s why the Ravens won’t lose.

I’m guaranteeing it. 

And I haven’t even seen the script, honestly.

I just know the Ravens aren’t losing today.