Ravens ‘D’ + Favre= Playoffs

August 06, 2008 |

Go ahead.  Say it.  I’m nuts.  Tell me I’m being deliberately provocative. 

Tell me Brett Favre would just be a distraction and he’s over-rated and it’s time to start the Flacco Era.  Call Favre a jerk.  Call him a prima donna. OR…


Yes… better than Big Ben. 

… Better than Derek “One Year” Andersen.

… Even better than Carson Palmer.

Brett Favre was a “sudden death” field goal  away from a Super Bowl berth last year. 

Granted, the Packers have a much better offensive line than the Ravens and, arguably, better wide receivers. 

But if you don’t think Brett Favre immediately gives the Ravens a chance to be competitive in the division you’re simply wrong… or biased.

If we start with the premise that defense wins football games and the Ravens STILL have one of the top defenses in the league (provided key guys stay healthy) then why is it such a leap?

Steve McNair didn’t have the skills that Brett Favre brings and was far more brittle.  Still, he took the team to the playoffs with a 13-3 record and Jamal Lewis running the football.  Willis McGahee is an upgrade, right?

And was the O-line really better in ’06?  Sure.  You’d be foolish to think otherwise.  But by how much?

Favre may not be as mobile as Troy Smith but I like him throwing the ball a whole lot more than I like the other options.  He’ll find ways to win.

He’s still one of the top five or six quarterbacks in the whole league.  Period.

Don’t believe me?  Ask the Jets or Tampa Bay.  Because that’s probably where Favre’s going to end up.  And they have better quarterbacks to choose from than the Ravens.

Last week, owner Steve Bisciotti said the Ravens don’t want a guy Favre’s age because of the chance of injury.  He mentioned Steve McNair and his issues. 

Issues… Hmm…

He was ONLY 13-3 in ’06!

This year, the Ravens must be looking forward to going 6-10.

Or now, with the potential trade of a still HIGHLY productive, future Hall of Fame quarterback to Tampa or the Jets, will Chad Pennington or Jeff Garcia become available?

And how do you feel about that?