Ravens destroy Rams

September 29, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

Joe Flacco proved all of his doubters wrong when he played the Rams. He threw for 389 yards, a career high, and threw three touchdowns. On the first drive he hit Torrey Smith for a 74 yard touchdown, Flacco’s longest completion of his career. He hit Smith again, in the first quarter, for another touchdown. In the closing minutes of the first quarter, he hit Smith once again for a touchdown. The Ravens ended the game with over 500 yards and that was a franchise record.

The Ravens scored 21 points in the first half and never looked back. The Ravens showed the Rams that Bradford was still a young quarterback. Allowing one touchdown on the day, which was an amazing throw by Bradford. The Rams were not able to run the ball on the Ravens and they had only one real drive.

The Ravens offense clicked on all cylinders however they play a tough Jets team this week. The Jets have an amazing defense, so it will be much more difficult to throw on the Jets. The Ravens showed ways to beat the Rams and that is to throw the ball deep using a speedy receiver.