Ravens fans could definitely star in “The Hangover 2”

October 20, 2010 | Drew Forrester

We’re three days post-game and I’m still hearing and reading from fans about the game and the way the Ravens lost. Some of those folks are mad at me because they expect me to finger-point the way they have all week. And I understand that mentality because that’s what our country’s unwritten motto is these days. “Someone is to blame for this.” It’s our daily function as a society. If something’s wrong or hasn’t gone the way we wanted it to go, we MUST find SOMEONE to blame.

Ask 100 people in the Inner Harbor today to answer this question: Who is responsible for the current delapidated state of our country?” and 93 of them will say, “Barack Obama”.

They won’t talk about political corruption in all 50 states, or rich corporate suits who have stolen from their employees, customers and fellow suits, or how the country’s legal system has become such a financial clusterf**k.

Nope…they’ll just say, “The President has ruined the country.”

We have to find SOMEONE to blame.

And that’s how fans are when the team loses a football game: “It’s Cam Cameron’s fault.”