Ravens FB Le’Ron McClain content with role on team playing well

November 05, 2010 | Ryan Chell

Le'Ron McClain

Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain has made it known in the past, whether it be vocally or on his Twitter account, that he wants to return to the form of two years ago when he was the team’s leading rusher from the fullback position.

However in that season, the Ravens had the liberty of having maybe the best fullback to ever play the game of football in Lorenzo Neal to fill McClain’s role so McClain could carry the load.

But now with Neal having been gone a season and a half, McClain has matured and come into his own knowing that he can still play a role in the running game by punishing opposing lineman and linebackers while clearing a hole for Pro Bowl running back Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.

McClain has actually found joy in helping his teammates get touchdowns-just as much as if he found paydirt himself.

“I feel like when I’m blocking when guys got it like Willis [did] it in the Bronco game, when I got that block on that guy, he came up right on my side and scored. I feel like I scored that one because I made a good block.”

McClain joined Drew Forrester on “The Morning Reaction” Thursday to give WNST an update with his situation and the 5-2 Ravens as they prepare for the 4-3 Miami Dolphins on Sunday at 1PM at M&T Bank Stadium.

I’m getting ready to go into work,” McClain said to Forrester as he prepared to attend Thursday’s practice. “You know, getting ready for Sunday. They’ve been doing a great coming in on the road and controlling the clock and winning games. They’ve been doing a great job of it.”

McClain is of course referring to the note that the Dolphins are in a bizarre situation where they are 4-0 on the road while 0-3 at home.

But what plays into the Ravens factor is that the Ravens are coming off their bye.

Since 2002, the Ravens are 4-0 at home coming off their off-week.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” McClain said. “We’re on a good road now, 5-2 and fresh off a bye. Everybody’s fresh, and everybody’s going to come back healthy. We’re gonna get rolling.”

One player hopeful to return Sunday will be wide receiver Donte Stallworth, who is coming back from a broken foot suffered in the preseason.

His return gives the Ravens another weapon on offense, but Forrester was also quick to point out that Stallworth returning is another weapon on offense that might be adamant about getting the ball as much as everyone else on offense seems to be doing right now.

“We’ve got to understand that there’s only one football,” McClain said. “Joe gets the ball first and he’s gonna give it to whoever the play is called to. Everybody’s job is to do their job, and when the ball does get in your hands, make a play. Even if there’s one play in the game or twenty-six.

McClain said the team does come first, and their 5-2 record now should show proof of that belief.

“The ultimate goal as a team is to get a championship. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had no touchdowns or seven.”

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