Ravens FB Le’Ron McClain in defense of QB Joe Flacco: “he’s going to prove them wrong”

June 22, 2011 | Ryan Chell

Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley.

Bengals LB Dhani Jones.

Steelers S Ryan Clark.

And of course, Steelers WR Hines Ward.

All of them have been asked recently in the downtime of the NFL lockout what their opinions are regarding Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and his chances of winning a Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens.

Some of the comments have been praiseworthy.

Others have been passive.

Ward-after saying the Ravens could win with Flacco, said he “wasn’t going to put any bulletin board material out there.”

And then there are the personal remarks about Flacco coming from Ryan Clark talking about Flacco’s trademark “bushybrow“.

But the words that have taken the cake so far have been Steelers OLB LaMarr Woodley’s comments about how Flacco will “never win a Super Bowl” if he has anything to say about it.

His words:

“So, that’s not going to happen in this lifetime.”

Joe Flacco and LaMarr Woodley

Anybody else want to step up to the plate? Did I miss anyone?

It took awhile for the calm and introverted Flacco to come to his own defense, but even if he didn’t, several of his Raven teammates have already stepped up to say they have their QB’s back.

Including a guy who could even find himself on another NFL team when the lockout ends-that being FB Le’Ron McClain, who joined Glenn Clark filling in for Thyrl Nelson on Tuesday’s “Mobtown Sports Beat”.

Le'Ron McClain

First off, he started the interview off straightening out the issue on that same question posed to LaMarr Woodley with regards to if Flacco could win a Super Bowl.

He couldn’t be any more sure of Flacco’s ability to get it done.

“I believe we’re one of the top contenders for it,” McClain told Clark. “So with all that nonsense about Joe Flacco not being able to win a Super Bowl and all that…he’s going to prove them wrong in due time.”

He felt like it was his responsibility as a Raven to step forward and defend his teammate from undeserved criticism-especially coming from AFC North rival in  Woodley.

“I feel like I had to put myself in that position,” McClain said. “Like, you need to get through me to get to Joe.”

It even felt better for McClain to see Flacco step up and take the lead in his own defense as well earlier this week. The Ravens fullback said that it’s a side not too many people see of Flacco on the public stage, but if the Ravens first round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft gets highly motivated over something-watch out.

“I’m glad Joe came back and said something because I feel like it was a statement to Joe’s game and to the Baltimore Ravens,” McClain said. “I know with him saying that it took his whole mindset to another level for Joe.”

McClain said if he wasn’t committed to backing up Flacco on the field before, he certainly will be  now.

“We have to play as one,” McClain said. “We have to bring up Joe…we just gotta do that thing for our quarterback.”

It is strange to see McClain-who could be scheduled to be a free agent given the NFL’s resigning of a CBA and off the Ravens roster-still defending Flacco, but for now he’s hoping he gets a chance to physically confront LaMarr Woodley personally when the Ravens and the Steelers meet Week 1 on September 11th.

“And whatever he talks about, I know he’s gotta see me before he sees Joe on any play,” McClain said. “He let the trash talk start this summer, so we’ll see when we talk things over in September and see how things really go.”

He continued.

“LaMarr Woodley…he started it. I hope he can finish it. Because like I said, a fight comes with that and that’s Le’Ron McClain talking.”

McClain even hopes that this trash talk-which can sometimes come back to haunt NFL teams and players-gets his own squad even more motivated this year to win the big game.

McClain said it. If LaMarr Woodley says Flacco can’t win a Super Bowl, he also means the Ravens as a team can’t win one either.

“It’s like he’s talking to all of us, “he said. “It’s just totally disrespectful to Joe Flacco saying he can’t win and to the whole organization.”

“I know the blood, sweat, and tears that we went through these past three years just trying to get on the journey to the Super Bowl. Like Ray Lewis told us, we’re still on that journey. Indianapolis is next, so let’s try for that.”

WNST thanks Le’Ron McClain for joining Glenn Clark on “The Mobtown Sports Beat” today and hopes that he can fulfill his promise to LaMarr Woodley this season! WNST-We Never Stop Talking Baltimore Sports!