Ravens get another $4 million of cap money

February 25, 2009 | Drew Forrester

The Ravens got themselves some much needed “cap space” tonight when they received another $4 million for the 2009 season.

Unfortunately, all of the other teams in the league got $4 million as well.

According to the NFL Network, teams were informed today that the cap figure for 2009 is going to be increased (and finalized) to $127 million.  Teams were working off of a $123 million per-team figure.

That’s certainly good news for the Ravens.  They are now roughly $13 million under the cap with the additional $4 million they’ve received today.  Several players could be “cap casualties” on Thursday as the Ravens try to scrape together enough money to re-sign several key veterans – Samari Rolle ($4.1 million), Marques Douglas ($2.4 million) and Trevor Pryce ($1.75 million) would save the team nearly $8 million.

Having $4 million delivered to them today “for free” was the best news the Ravens could get.

And, maybe, the best news for Ray Lewis.  Or Bart Scott.  Or Jason Brown.  Or about eight other guys the Ravens would like to sign in the next 27 hours.