Ravens hardly break a sweat…pound Cleveland, 34-3

September 27, 2009 | Drew Forrester

It’s hard to tell how good the Ravens REALLY are after having to endure that shellacking today.

Baltimore improved to 3-0 on the year with a 34-3 pasting of the Browns that wasn’t as close as the score would otherwise indicate.

I think I just saw a team the Maryland Terps could handle.  They’re called the Cleveland Browns.

Joe Flacco finished the day 25-for-35 for 342 yards.  He had a great day.  He also stayed in the game too long, but you can blame the coaching staff for that.   

Willis McGahee ran untouched into the end zone on two occasions in the first half.  On his 2nd TD, the Browns could have fit their team plane in the hole the Ravens offensive line created.  

The Ravens are a very good team.

The Browns are a very bad team.

We’ll learn a lot more about John Harbaugh’s group next Sunday in Foxboro when they visit the Patriots.

We learned everything we needed to know about the Browns today.  They don’t have a quarterback, for starters.  I joked in the press box that Anita Marks was here and if things got much worse, they should think about giving her a white jersey and orange helmet.  She couldn’t have fared much worse than Quinn and Anderson.

Evidently, no one in purple got hurt today.  That’s even better news than the final score.  The only negative of the day as it relates to Cleveland-Baltimore is that the Indians outslugged the O’s, 9-0.  It’s a toss up to see who threw worse.  Chris Tillman or Brady Quinn?

The only three Browns players to exhibit any kind of efficiency today were return-man Joshua Cribbs, offensive tackle Joe Thomas, and punter Dave Zastudil.  Thomas shut down Terrell Suggs.  Cribbs was a threat every time he touched the ball.  And Zastudil kicked the ball so much he needed a new left shoe by game’s end.  Every other player was a liability, it seemed.

It wasn’t exciting, but the Ravens like them that way.  

It was a thumping.  

They all won’t be this easy, trust me.

Until the Ravens travel to Cleveland on November 16, that is.