Ravens MNF & Caps!

December 07, 2009 |

Well Folks, I am torn between my beloved Baltimore Ravens & Washington Capitals…… they both play tonight.

After watching the Capitals play their last two games scoring a combined 14 goals, that is correct 14 goals in two games. That is 14 goals in two games without Alexander Ovechkin. I’m not getting into the Ovechkin suspension controversy; only to say that it pisses a player off to come out of the gate and make some noise. I will be watching the 1st Period of the Caps Vs Lightning game, and will stay abreast of the game by Live Tweets by the Washington Capitals, heartbroken? Nope! Disappointed? Yes! I want to watch the Ravens!

As a Baltimore boy; any game that has playoff implications for our football team, I will be watching! As Nestor has been tweeting it is freakin’ cold in Green Bay right now! As I will let my friends in Wisconsin know, Baltimore is no push over, we had our doubts, we lost close games against top teams, BUT we are in the beginning stages of a Playoff push, and hopefully we will pull ahead of the Wild Card competition! It should be a game to watch if not both games but I have the attention span of a two year old, so my money is on watching the Ravens!

I love it!