Ravens Musings

January 17, 2012 | John West

I am a “glass is half full” kinda guy, so these thoughts will be more positive than you have been hearing around town, given the Ravens just made it to the AFC Championship for the third time in their history.

Thank you ED REED. I have been critical of your play in the last month but you played great. In the history of the Ravens, the single best “Leave it all on the field” performance was Derrick Masons game where he played with one arm and his monstrous will. Ed Reed passed that performance. I have never seen a player “Leave it all on the field” the way you did on Sunday. Thank you. Oh, and can I have you do that one more time, please.

I can still say I haven’t seen Lee Evans use two hands to catch a pass this year.

Our receivers have to start catching balls that are right in their hands. HAVE TOO!!!

Arien Foster gave the best offensive performance against us that I have seen all year. Marshawn Lynch held that title, but Arien Foster ran past that on Sunday. That man is a beast.

I love how we played a “bend but don’t break” defense. People tend to hate that, but in a hard fought game like this was clearly going to be, a defensive plan that can keep a great running team only getting 13 points is a great plan. Period. This won’t work against the Pats, so we will run another defensive scheme. I have faith that Pagano can figure that out.

I am very concerned about how both our lines played. Our offensive line did not open up holes for our running game and did a below average job in protecting Joe. Our defensive line did not stop the run and did not pressure their QB. These are things that lines have to do if you want to win games. I will say that the Texans lines are both really really good, probably better than anything we will face in the rest of the playoffs. Overall I am concerned but hopeful.

I think Sizz has to step up and have a 3 sack, 2 forced fumble type of game this weekend.

I think we can and will beat the Pats this weekend. I just cannot explain why. Who Cares!!!

Go Ravens!!!!!!!!!!