Ravens Not Ready For Show

December 20, 2011 | Tom Federline

As of this date, the Baltimore Ravens are NOT an elite NFL team ready to make a run for the Super Bowl. Here are my picks for the best teams in the league at the moment: Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers. And the latter may not even make it into the playoffs with even a wild card shot. Did you here Chris Colinsworth prior to the game Sunday night? “If the Ravens take care of business and beat the Chargers we will see them in Indy.”  Well Christopher, even though you seem to have a handle on the Ravens more than 95% of the rest your challenged sports announcing peers – Newsflash – The Ravens need a few lessons on how to take care of business and they will not find it from their coaches.

Which team was embarrassed more this past Sunday? Tennesse Titans (loss to Indy Irsays)? GB Packers (loss to Chiefs)? NY Giants (loss to Redskins)?  Or the Ravens (thumping by SD Chargers)? Carzy week in the NFL, huh gang? I have to go with Ravens. Another prime time loss, a potential statement maker for a playoff run, thwarted by another “chump”  performance instead of “champ” performance. I sound like a broken record and it pains me to say it again…….The Ravens have the talent, they do NOT have the coaches.

Can we trade John Horribaugh for his brother Jim Harbaugh? Can we just switch them and hope nobody notices? After last nights outcome, who would get the better Christmas present from Ravens fans? In my book, we saw the Coach of the Year, after last nights gift. You go JIM Harbaugh. You have been entered into my “Old School – Coaches Hall of Fame”. Love your passion and you are doing well with Mike Singletarys team. Speaking of last night, what was Rapelsberger doing in that game? Thank you Mike Tomlin. Keep playing him! The Ravens fans may receive two Christmas gifts even before that day gets here. Steelers keep pace with Ravens with loss to 49ers and the Squeelers lose Rothlesbergers for playoffs. Even though, with wht I believe was a stupid move last night Mike Tomlin, would you come coach the Ravens? Must fire Camera Cameron though. Probably your first move anyway. You are a leader.

The Ravens are not ready. Only way they are making it, is if Camera and Horribaugh get out of their way. Let Ray Ray coach the Defense and let Flacco/Birk/Boldin run the offense. Let Them Play –  the kids are alright – they have the talent. Flacco can run that offense! I only saw three positive moments Sunday night: 1. Ray Jr. 21 yard first play scamper. 2. Boldin 34 yard 3rd down conversion same first drive. 3. Anquan Boldin wearing an Orioles ball cap during introductions. To many negatives to mention. Have the Ravens lost their place kicker? Right there, is another major pothole on road to Indy. Yes, there are two more games left. Should they win those two? You’re darn right. Will they win those two? No idea. Are they champs or chumps? We have seen both.

They are better than “chumps”. I believe that they know that. For those that know me, brace yourself for this one………Hey Bisciotti – get Brian Billick back here for a motivational speech! Are you still paying  him? Let Ray Ray run the show – we all know his philosophy and motivational skills – “I’ll Take You There” (Staple Singers). I think I may need to go out and get some purple kool-aid. Because right now – I see two more losses – one at Cincy and the other if they get the Squeelers for a third time. 

A story is in the making for a Baltimore Super Bowl in Indianapolis. That is almost to good to be true. It would make for a nice sports filled January and February. But right now, the Ravens need an identity and they need it quick. Where’s the purple juice? How about Purple Gatorade? I like the grape Gatorade. How about grape soda? Remember Grape Nehi’s? Man, they were good. Start serving it out at the Palace. Oh and for good measure, crank the Staple Singers.

Merry Christmas gang. Breathe deep. Hug those that are close with passion.



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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    Heres some bad coaches who had a stint in this town. Frank Kush,Mike McCormick, and Howard Schnellenberger. Heres the good ones Ted Marchibroda and John Harbaugh. Heres the great ones. Weeb Ewbank,Don Shula,Don McCafferty,Brian Billick,and Don Matthews(CFL). If Harbs wins a Superbowl he goes to the next level if not hes stuck with Ted. Its a simple game like Charlie would say.

  2. JC Says:

    You are indeed pining for the “old school” ways and I’m not sure the NFL in 2011 can go back there to have players coach. That being said,I have to agree that the coaching can be better. Cam has gone down the field more often (now that he has a threat) and has occasionally thrown in a trick play to surprise (Ray Rice TD pass). More consistency is certainly needed but me thinks its too late to establish that. Our best bet for an Indy trip in Feb is to play one less game and stay at home, unless the team from the season opener happens to show up three straight games.If we have to travel for the AFC Championship, you can call Harbs a cab! (Thank you Charlie)

  3. Fedman Says:

    Horribaugh is riding Ray Lewis’ coat tails and is benefiting from some of the positive moves by Ozzie. Horribaugh will never be a great coach, he is not a leader. Challey Eckman and Don McCafferty, now there’s some blasts from the past. McCafferty a “great ” coach? He was blessed with Shulas team and talent. Grant it, he was part of that building process. But a “great coach”? Not in my book, he doesn’t have the test of time in his corner. I do respect the man for standing up against “the establishment” (his boss). And you should know why, referencing your “username”. Now Challey Eckman, there’s a great coach (basketball). Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


  4. Fedman Says:

    “Call him a cab.” Bless you Challey Eckman, past resident of …………….Glen Burnie, MD. Now there’s a sports announcer that was never accused of using to much sugar! My kind of old school. As far as the Ravens – Let them play – let the players coach themselves to the Super Bowl. Now there’s a story on top of the Baltimore to Indy deal. Horribaugh and Camera should just go up and smoke cigars with Bisciotti “during the game” – illegally within the confines of Ravens Stadium – I must add. Yes, Steven, we can see you. Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


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