Ravens on Boldin: “Salary cap space is a problem”

April 20, 2009 | Drew Forrester

The Ravens are one of several teams who could use Anquan Boldin’s services in 2009, but unless something dramatically changes between now and Saturday, Baltimore will not be in the hunt for the disgruntled Arizona wide receiver.

Two team sources tell WNST.net the club just doesn’t have the means or overwhelming desire to bring Boldin in and break up the current roster and hamper the team’s salary cap for ’09 and beyond.

“Salary cap space is the problem,” says one team staffer.  

Another source within the club believes the Ravens are comfortable with their current wide receiving corps and are excited about the prospects of this Saturday’s draft.  

“We’re not desperate for a wide receiver from within the league,” says the source . “We have four wide-outs right now in Mason, Clayton, Demetrius Williams and young Marcus Smith.  And with the draft coming up, I’m sure we’ll be looking at receivers there as well.  As everyone knows, this is a talent-rich draft in terms of receivers.”

The Ravens are, give or take a couple of million being held in reserve for their ’09 draft picks, just about tapped out in terms of their $127 million salary cup number.  

They just don’t have the salary cap space to fit in the likes of Anquan Boldin, who is likely going to command a signing bonus of at least $15 million and a total deal somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 million for four or five years.  

“He’s (Boldin) obviously a good player — a very good player — but the salary cap is what keeps everything and everyone in balance around the league.  If you can’t fit a player in your cap, then you can’t have him,” the staffer stated.