Ravens – Pats preview

October 15, 2010 | John West

Ravens – Pats Preview

I like the Ravens winning this game, 27-24. I think the Ravens offense vs. the Pats defense is a win for the Ravens. I think the Pats offense vs. the Ravens defense is a tie. I think the Ravens special teams are better. I don’t like that Belichick has an extra week to prepare for the Ravens. Put all that together, I think the Ravens will win.

I would not be surprised if the Ravens lose, and wouldn’t be terribly upset if they did. 4 road games in the first 6 games of the season are hard. To come through that going 4-2 would be pretty darn good. I know it would be better going 5-1 and it’s easy to be greedy, but I will not be that upset if we lose. Teams lose games in a season and this game has always been one I thought we would probably lose.

I have always thought this team was a 10 to 12 win team. 12 wins would be terrific and probably get us a home playoff game. 10 wins gets us into the playoffs. Just look at the Jets last year, all you need to do is get in.

I want to see the Ravens run the ball 35 to 40 times during this game. Rushing attempts are the best stat to determine success, other than wins and losses. If we run that many times, I think we will win.

I am ready to see Ray Rice get a lot more touches in the redzone.

I have a great feeling about Suggs this game. I think he will go off. Lots of pressure on Tom Brady and a sack or two. The Patriots play 2 rookie Tight ends that are better at passing than blocking. I hope to see T-Sizzle take advantage of this.

I think we will get another interception this game, maybe two. With Tom Brady checking down and throwing a lot of short passes, I see a tip ball or two falling our way. It would be nice to win a turnover battle. Winning games while losing the turnover battle, which we did against both the Jets and the Steelers, is very hard to do.