Ravens Peaking at the Right Time

December 21, 2009 |

You have got to love how the Ravens have decided to start playing well at the right time of the season. After back to back dominating performances against the Lions and Bears, we as fans have to feel good about our playoff prospects. The Ravens now control their own destiny, and after we beat the Steelers and Raiders, ending the season on a four game win streak should give the team an enormous boost of confidence heading into the playoffs.

Thankfully the Ravens aren’t doing what some others teams are, which is losing their swagger. Case in point: the Saints. Just as the Colts have, the Saints have clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs, regardless of what happens in the next two weeks. But the Saints just lost. These teams are now starting to think about possibly benching some of their better players so that they don’t get injured, giving them a better chance in the playoffs. But I’d rather be in the Ravens’ shoes, where we have to go out and win these next two games. It forces Joe Flacco, Derrick Mason, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, and the rest of our best players to go out there and play every week, not disrupting any rhythm that they have established in the last few weeks.

So let’s keep hope alive Baltimore, the Ravens can do this. The only big change that the Ravens will have to overcome is the loss of my boy, Lardarius Webb. The combination of Chris Carr and Frank Walker are going to have to step up from here on out. They will be tested next week against the Steelers talented receiving core, especially how well Ben Roethlisberger just played yesterday.

How do you all feel about Sunday, Baltimore? As I have said, we have the momentum and the confidence, and we just beat Pittsburgh a few weeks back. Let’s hope we can do it again.