Ravens QB Derby: Chill Charm City

August 07, 2008 |

So John Harbaugh named Kyle Boller as the starting quarterback for the preseason opener, and the whole town is ready to commit mass suicide or perhaps that was just every caller on the radio yesterday.   Chill Charm City, it’s only a freaking exhibition game that counts for nothing in the standings. 
I wrote on Sunday night that Troy Smith should be the starting quarterback, and even I don’t have a problem with the decision to go with Boller.  Here is why I am okay with the decision.
First every report out of Ravens camp has none of the three significantly ahead in this race.  Second, Boller is the most experienced of the three quarterbacks and usually in a competition the more seasoned guy gets the first crack.
Next, with the way the offensive line is right know, you don’t want to put either of the younger guys, who are under contract for a couple of years, in harm’s way vs. Richard Seymour, AD Thomas and the rest of the Patriots.  Yes, Boller might be a sacrificial lamb.
Last and certainly not least, it’s the first preseason game, not the first regular season game.  Who is to say that Troy Smith won’t run with the first unit next week or by week three Joe Flacco won’t be named the starter? 
Who starts vs. the Bengals on September 7 will be determined by who plays well in the preseason games.  If they all stink, Boller probably starts.  If they are equal, I have a hunch maybe Troy Smith starts.  If one truly rises above the other two, then whoever that is will probably start.
In the meantime, grab some cold beer, chill out on the lazy boy and enjoy the fact that football season has started.  We soon shall find out who the Ravens signal caller will be.