Ravens season was made in New England – We’re in “bonus time” now.

January 11, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Rather than write a missive and poke everyone’s eye who has complained about John Harbaugh’s lack of a 2nd quarter challenge flag during the 33-14 win over New England, I’ll just say this and move on:

No matter what happens in Indianapolis this Saturday, 2009 was a good season for the Ravens.

Yes, the regular season was somewhat uneven.  The team lost a handful of games they should have won, no doubt about it.  Our 2nd year quarterback didn’t quite become the rock-star we all thought he was on the verge of becoming after a storybook rookie season.

None of that matters after watching that 60 minutes of football in New England yesterday.

The Ravens made the playoffs by winning a road game in a tough venue on the last Sunday of the season.

That takes guts.

The Ravens then went to New England and beat THESE odds:

> New England had never lost to the Ravens before yesterday’s game.

> The Patriots hadn’t lost a home playoff game since 1978, winning 11 straight games in that span.

> Tom Brady NEVER – not once, EVER – had lost a post-season game at home.

Those weren’t exactly favorable odds, eh?

So if the unthinkable happens and Baltimore’s season ends in Indianapolis on Saturday, it’s all good.

It will sting for a little while and I’ll have to endure a few days of asinine drivel from our buddy Merton, but nothing will change the fact that the Ravens showed a lot of heart down the stretch and sent B&B home early after the humbling in Foxborough yesterday.

I can take whatever result we get on Saturday against the Colts.

I can, really.

I’d love for the Ravens to win — holy cow wouldn’t that be something? – but I’ve seen enough over the last few weeks to know that we have the right coach in place, the right quarterback in place, the right running back in place and an aging but heart-like-a-lion middle linebacker that makes us all proud to be fans of the football team in town.

It makes me long for the days when we all felt the same way about the baseball team.  But that’s a story we can put on the backburner while our purple birds keep rolling on.

I’ll be there in Indy on Saturday.

Either way – no matter the result –  I’ll be OK.