Ravens tell me: “Trades unlikely…we need to play better.”

October 19, 2009 | Drew Forrester

A Ravens source tells me this afternoon it’s “unlikely” any deals will be made between now (3pm Monday, 10/19) and Tuesday’s 4pm NFL trade deadline.

“There’s just not much out there (for trade purposes),” says the source.  “What we really need to do is just play better…as individuals and as a team. We’re not that far away.  We have a good team.  But we need to win a game on November 1 against the Broncos, that’s for sure.”

Of course, with the deadline approaching tomorrow, there’s always the possibility some teams start burning the phone lines later today and into tomorrow, but such “last minute deals” don’t usually happen in the NFL.  “It’s very complicated, trading players, because of the cap ramifications — not only this year, but in following years,” says a Ravens staffer.  “Teams don’t call at 3:30 pm for a 4pm deadline and say, ‘let’s do a deal’ because there’s too much work to do to get it done and fit everyone in. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be calling around to inquire.  And other teams will be doing the same thing, I’m sure.”

I’ll be back with more later on after I return from 1 Winning Drive.  Next up, it’s the John Harbaugh press conference at 3:45pm.