Ravens try-out two veteran kickers…Nugent and Cundiff

November 10, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I had a funny feeling this was happening.

In fact, I wrote about it yesterday here at WNST.net.

The Ravens brought in two veteran kickers today for a try-out:  Mike Nugent and Billy Cundiff.

Nugent was 2-for-6 this year in Tampa Bay before they gave him the boot (sorry, had to do it) on October 5 and Cundiff kicked in Cleveland earlier this year when Phil Dawson was injured.  Cundiff, ironically, connected on a field goal in Baltimore (that was actually no good, by the way, but who cares?) that represented the only scoring for the Browns in the 34-3 Ravens win in week #3.

The try-out comes on the heels of Steve Hauschka missing a crucial 38-yard field goal in Cincinnati on Sunday in the 17-7 loss to the Bengals. 

Hauschka also missed a game-winning effort in Minnesota earlier this season.

My Ravens sources remain mum on the subject of adding a kicker and/or possibly parting company with Hauschka.  The fact that I can’t get an answer from my normally reliable “birds-on-a-tree” in Owings Mills tells me something’s going on.