Ravens Victory was AWESOME!!

October 04, 2010 | John West

All week long, I kept telling myself the Ravens were going to win, on the road, in Pittsburgh, against a 4th string QB. To put that in perspective, both Kyle Boller and Troy Smith are at least 3rd string QB’s. However, not very deep in the pit of my stomach, I was very very concerned that this Ravens team would find a way to lose this game that they needed to win. And they almost did, but they didn’t, and I’m a little shocked and pleasantly surprised.

I thought the Ravens would get 6 to 10 penalties. They got 7. I didn’t see the Steelers getting called for 11 penalties at home.

With the exception of that 1 long TD drive, the Steelers had about 120 yards of total offense. I hoped our D would play that well. I did not expect Charlie Batch to have a 93 yard TD drive in the fourth quarter to take the lead.

I didn’t expect to have the Steelers miss 2 field goals.

I didn’t think we would lose the turnover battle on the road and win, again. That makes the Jets and Steelers (both teams 3-1 with their only loss to the Ravens) as tough road victories where we lose the turnover battle. Most teams don’t have 1 game like that all year, and we have had 2 in the first 4 weeks.

Willis looked really good.

The offensive line pass protected Joe better than they have all season long. They looked great.

Haloti Ngata played like a freaken beast. Thank you Haloti.

Is it really possible that we could have a Pro-Bowl QB, capable of winning the big games? I want one. I think we may have one. I beg the entire Baltimore region to stop calling for Mark Bulger or Troy Smith. Joe is the real deal and your ignorance is getting obnoxious.

Lardarius Webb might become an all-pro cornerback, but having him play really good right now is a breadth of fresh air. His play on this defense could become a strength pretty fast. Imagine how much better we will be with Ed Reed back. With all this talk in Pittsburgh about how great it will be to get Ben back, the Ravens will be getting Ed back in a couple of weeks.

With about 1 minute to go in the game, when Zibby was fielding that punt at midfield, I was saying out loud “where is the flag”, assuming the Ravens would get their typical penalty for holding or pushing in the back. The flag came, and it was on Pittsburgh and I almost passed out. That single play is the one main difference I see on this team that wasn’t there last year. Last year, that penalty would have been on the Ravens. This year, it was on Pittsburgh and it was costly