Ravens vs. Jaguars Preview

October 21, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

The Ravens are facing a rookie quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, and on Monday Night Football. Gabbert will be very nervous to start because it is a Monday Night game but then he has to worry about the Ravens defense. One of the top defenses in the NFL led by 16 year veteran Ray Lewis. One of the best, if not the best, linebackers to ever play the game. Terrell Suggs is a premier pass rusher, when he plays his hardest, but he usually doesn’t play great unless it’s versus the Steelers. Ed Reed is a ball hawk and Gabbert will have to know where Reed is or he will throw a few interceptions.
The Ravens offense is playing very good as of late and they have a deep ball threat receiver, Torrey Smith. Smith is Flacco’s favorite deep target and versus a weak secondary, he can have multiple big plays. Last week, he had a 50 plus yard reception and that was against one of the top secondary’s in the NFL. Ray Rice is a very physical runner for his size, but is also very good at receiving the ball out of the backfield. Joe Flacco threw for over 300 yards versus the Texans and should be able to throw the ball very well against a weak Jaguars secondary.

The Ravens were not good in the redzone versus the Texans. They were 2-4 and if they want to go deep, they can’t turn the ball over in the redzone. Good teams score when given the opportunity whether it is three or seven. The Ravens must do better in the redzone and they likely will by running the ball instead of throwing it.

The Jaguars are not a great team but if the Ravens overlook them, then they will lose this game. I believe the Ravens will play great and blow them out to send a message to all of the other teams in the league.

Prediction: 34-10 Ravens