Ravens vs. Steelers Rematch

November 02, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

Ravens vs. Steelers. What do you think of when you hear that? I think of a rivalry that has developed over the years because both have strong defenses. I think of Ray Lewis and his defense, and Troy Polamalu and his defense. Big Ben, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, is always tough to contain. He doesn’t come down easily and that’s what makes him a great quarterback. Joe Flacco throwing to Boldin, Smith, Williams, Rice, Dickson, or any other receiver. These teams will meet on Sunday Night Football and battle it out for top seed in the AFC North.

The Ravens destroyed the Steelers in Week 1. Joe Flacco threw a touchdown in less than three minutes to Anquan Boldin. Ray Rice had over 100 yards rushing which is rare against the Steelers, because they are known for stopping the run. The Steelers were focused on stopping the deep ball. Torrey Smith and Lee Evans are speedy receivers, but Lee Evans has had a bummed ankle and missed five straight games. This is one of the reasons that the Bills gave him up, he is constantly injured and not a consistent player.

The Ravens starting left guard, Ben Grubbs, has been out with a turf toe for the last couple games, but he has practiced this week. He has played with everyone on the line for a few years except for McKinnie. Without him the line has looked awful, Andre Gurode was a five time Pro Bowler, but was cut for a reason. He has not showed that he was a Pro Bowler. The right side of the line has not been great but they know the Steelers really well. They know their blitz packages and their players. They can definitely contain the Steelers pass rush.

The Ravens will be able to beat them over the top because the Steelers won’t be very worried about it. Last game they didn’t attempt to go often, so they will be expecting more passes over the middle. The Ravens ran a lot of crossing routes and were able to destroy the Steelers. This time I think the Steelers will win. They will play great defense and be able to throw the ball against the Ravens.

Prediction: 16-13 Steelers