Ravens: “We’ll bring in a playmaker or two”

January 18, 2010 | Drew Forrester

The season ends one day and the next one begins 24 hours later.

It was back to business at 1 Winning Drive today, as the players cleaned out their lockers and the front office started the process of season-in-review player evaluations.

The players shut it down now.

The front office goes right back to work.

A team source told me today the club’s main priority will be some wide receiver weapons to help Joe Flacco and Company.  “We’ll bring in a playmaker or two,” the source said.

Makes sense, particularly given the pedestrian offensive output in Saturday’s loss at Indianapolis.  If ever a case needed to be made for a “playmaker or two” it was Saturday night.

The source wouldn’t name any player(s) of interest, naturally, since some of them are still technically under contract.  And the club won’t ever make much public comment about their draft interests.

Rest assured, though, the Ravens will be in full playmaker search in the next 6-10 weeks.

However — establishing that you need a playmaker or two is one thing – identifying those guys and signing them are two different things.  Remember this: Other teams want good players too.  And playmaking wide receivers don’t grow on trees.  They’re mercurial, enigmatic and often times more trouble than they’re worth.  But when your offense doesn’t have a pass catching weapon or two, it’s tough to win big games.

The off-season is completely up in the air at this point given the uncertainty of the collective bargaining agreement and the prospect of an uncapped year in 2010, but the Ravens will forge ahead with plans to either sign a wide receiver via free agency or draft one or more pass catchers in April.

They’re quite aware of their issues at 1 Winning Drive.

They need offensive production – points on the board – from someone other than Ray Rice.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.  The Ravens have admitted it — and now they’re working on fixing it.  It might take a few months, but expect them to add at least two wide receivers with the ability to stretch the field and keep the other team’s secondary honest.