Ravens, Westminster, and the Lockout

June 23, 2011 | Paul Hoke

The news came down yesterday that the Baltimore Ravens would not be able to hold training camp at McDaniel College due to the prolonged NFL lockout.

I understand their position.  Financially and logistically, with the lockout dragging on, there just isn’t enough time to get things rolling in Westminster once the lockout ends, if it does at all.

This is sad.  Pathetic really.   Pathetic that these clowns have let it get to this point.  Pathetic that now the fight between the already rich NFL owners and the mostly rich NFL players, has reached the point the it’s now going to affect the fans, a community, and local businesses.  EVERYONE involved in this lockout, and the fact that it still goes on day after day, should be f-ing ashamed of themselves.  In a time in our society when unemployment is at or near 10%, the economy is in the tank, and regular hard-working, everyday citizens are struggling to make their mortgage payment, the fact that these clowns still can’t agree how to split $9 billion is PATHETIC!!!

Now, because these idiots won’t set aside ego to come to some sort of agreement for the best of everyone involved, the city of Westminster suffers a punch in the gut, financially, because the Ravens and their fans, won’t be making the annual pilgrimage out to McDaniel for training camp.  The restaurant owners and their employees will suffer.  The hotel owners and their employees will suffer.  The shop owners and their employees will suffer.  The city will suffer.  And I say suffer, on top of the fact that everyone is already suffering.  This is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the cry baby owners and cry baby players whine over an amount of money that doesn’t really exist, except on paper.

Poor things.  I feel sooooo bad for them.  I’m almost to the point that, while losing NFL games would be a tragedy the likes of which the Paul from Towson household has never seen, I really would LOVE to see these players and owners lose money the longer this thing drags out, so they might get a small taste of what regular people have to deal with.  They’ve become so far removed from real life, that a reality check for these goofs would be sweet justice for their unwillingness to put away the egos and keep the Golden Goose from dying.

The thought of NFL players having to take on side jobs to make ends meet, would bring a smile to my face as the rest of us bust our asses in 90 degree heat for 40-60+ hours a week just to make sure we can meet our financial responsibilities.  And, not leave the owners out, let them feel the effects of missing out on the ticket revenues, TV contracts, and all the other financial windfalls they enjoy being owners of a professional football franchise.

To quote George C. Scott, “Screw em!”

I couldn’t care less.  I’ve never really been one to wish ill will upon people, but I hope that the longer this lockout goes, the more everyone involved feels the pinch.  Let them feel what the rest of us have been feeling for the past few years, and maybe….just maybe….they will wake up and realize that they need to get this done, and get it done quickly…for all involved.

Because it’s gotten to the point where now the fans and the regular folks who benefit from having an NFL team in this area, are starting to feel the effects.  And that’s wrong.  After all, we “normal” people, get our butts kicked everyday from everyday life….we don’t need the NFL and the players, because of their egos, piling on.

Get it done, idiots.  We don’t deserve this.

Especially when my day involves this…how was your day at work Derrick Mason, et al…?

Warning:  This involves scenes of a graphic nature…viewer discretion is advised.