Ravens Win Big in New England

January 10, 2010 |

There is no other way to say it … The Ravens flat out beat down the Patriots today.  Today in reminded me of high school when the JV would practice against he Varsity.

Randy Moss was a factor at all today.  In fact it looked like he didn’t even know there was a game going on.  He should get dogged in New England for his half ass effort out on the field today.

Ray Lewis once again proved to everyone that he is one of the best, if not the best to ever play the position.  Just ask Tom Brady, he had a couple run-ins with him this afternoon.  One of which was Ray Lewis coming in on a blitz and absolutely crushing Brady for a sack.  How do those ribs feel Tom?

I think it is far to say that if this Ravens teams shows up throughout the playoffs, there isn’t any team in the NFL that wants to play us.

Well it’s back to work this week, with a very tough opponent on Saturday night in the Colts.  Another tough game, but after what we saw today, you have to like our chances.