Ravens/Bills thoughts

October 20, 2007 | Keith Melchior

The city of Buffalo will be up for this game, so don’t think it will be easy. Las Vegas sees it within a field goal. Willis McGahee is returning to the town he dissed some 8 months ago. The Ravens are hurting on both sides of the ball. They have suffered more injuries than I can ever remember a team having in quite a long time. If there is any chance for Buffalo to upset a possible playoff contender, this Sunday will be that chance. The Bills have no offensive weapons to speak of, but they will have that all important home field advantage. That crowd of crazies will be rocking Rich Stadium (is it still called that?) The MNF game against Dallas was a fluke. Romo gave them that game, but they didn’t want it. Sound familiar? They want this one, REAL BAD. The Ravens need to go in and play to win the game from the opening kickoff until the final whistle. If they use the “play not to lose” style we’ve come to know and start turning tha ball over, we’ll be talking about going into the bye week wounded at 4-3 and possibly 2 games behind yins from donntonn.