Ray Lewis takes a polygraph…

January 25, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis did his best “Greg Focker” impersonation on Thursday night in Los Angeles and agreed to take part in a polygraph test as part of “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.”

I have the details of the show, but I’m not allowed to release them (I wonder why the people in charge of the show give me the details and then make me promise NOT to release them — why give them to me in the first place?  lol). 

Oh, wait, there IS one question I’m allowed to reveal, along with the answer.

#52 was asked if he was surprised the Ravens won the Super Bowl back in 2000 with Trent Dilfer serving as the team’s Quarterback.

Ray answered:  “no”.

The polygraph disagreed.

Other questions provided to Ray centered on Brian Billick, the Ravens need for a top-notch QB, comparisons between Ray and Brian Urlacher and performance enhancing drugs.

You can watch the show and Ray’s segment with the lie detector tonight on The Best Damn Sports Show Period.  Check your local listings to see when the show airs on your cable system.