Re: Gary Gait

June 06, 2008 |

As I’m sure most of you know, I posted a blog two days ago petitioning to get Gary Gait into the field of 32. My opinion about Gait (and Michael Phelps for that matter) has not changed. With that said, I never in a million years expected Gary Gait to surpass Bert Jones and Ken Singleton, who I think should have been automatic write-ins in the first place.

But something doesn’t feel right. Maybe the lacrosse community is acting as a silent majority, but I’ve heard exponentially more negative calls about Gait, and I certainly received more negative comments about him on my blog.

It’s not that Gait was acrruing more votes, it’s how he did so. He went from comfortably in fourth place to competing for first place in between the start and finish of the Comcast Morning Show yesterday.

No matter who gets the play-in votes, they’re going to be gone after the first round anyway. I want to reiterate that in NO WAY do I think Gary Gait should beat ANY of the 28 automatic bids. I just think he deserves to be recognized because he is the Cy Young of his sport, a sport that has many fans in this area. And its not like he never played here…he won four championships here as a player.

This contest has been so much fun and has certainly increased blog readers, so I could only imagine that more people are listening to WNST, too. I think a re-count is the proper way to go about this to ensure the integrity of the contest so we do not lose those new readers/listeners.

I encourage all the Gait supporters (and Jones, Singleton, Bellanger, etc. supporters) to sign up and re-vote on Monday. As with the text service, I’m 100% positive WNST will not SPAM your email box…I don’t have to talk to Nestor to know that, either.

Statistically speaking, I spoke with representatives of the Carrol Manor, Towsontowne, Jarretsville, and Pikesville recreation councils to see if I could gather numbers about youth participation in lacrosse vs. other sports. I did this to try to support my opinion that lacrosse is the most popular sport in Baltimore.

Well, if you listened to the Bob Haynie Show yesterday, you already know that I could not gather EXACT numbers. What I did gather is that soccer is the most popular youth sport from a participation standpoint. I also gathered that lacrosse was a close second, mainly because it’s played year-round and they have indoor versions and summer leagues of the sport, much like soccer.

So, I guess I could not support my opinion from a stastical standpoint. I will say, however, that my own personal experiences have led me to believe that lacrosse is a more popular sport from a vanity standpoint; that is, it’s “cool” to play lacrosse when you’re growing up in Baltimore.

There is obviously a semi-large, very passionate core of lacrosse fans in Baltimore. This IS the nation’s hotbed for lacrosse. I really don’t think that’s up for debate.

I still think Gary deserves a spot, but I want this thing to be fair…I’m sure we ALL want this to be fair. I think doing a re-count is the proper thing to do in this case. If it turns out that someone has “hacked the system” and challenged the integrity of the contest, than so be it. I’ll happily eat crow and move on with my life.