April 21, 2010 |

There seems to be a popular belief that the Orioles can’t compete in the American League East. If  you happen to be a fan who thinks the Orioles would be better off  in a different division tell me which one. I think  they would still be the fourth or fifth worst team in the NL east, AL central, NL central, or AL west. Moving them to the NL west would represent a scheduling nightmare, not to mention the travel time. Geographically it doesn’t make much sense either.

You tell me where they would be better off. Maybe the O’s would be better served if they went to allignment in respect to record. Like A league, B league, and C league. If your record is in the top third your in the A league, middle third B league, bottom third C league.  I could see the O’s being competitive with the likes of  the Pirates, Astros, Nationals, Royals, and Indians.

As an aside, if the O’s and Nats combined their teams they might be competitive. Then we’d only need one MASN.