March 11, 2008 |

Xavi Alonso won’t be joining his teammates for today’s clash against Inter Milan at the San Siro. With the impending birth of his child, Xabi was hoping to catch a later flight to rejoin his teammates in Italy. Rafa told him not to bother.
The deteriorating relationship between the two is another of Liverpool’s well-publicized bust ups. Xabi seems to have found his pre-injury form and has been instrumental in the Reds’ recent up turn in fortunes, so this will most probably be the moment the camel’s back gives way.
Rafa has always been despotic in his management decisions, but this is far from benevolent. Gaffer Rafa apparently values cup ties more sacred than new life. Even in sports, there are events that supercede commitment.
It will be interesting to see the fallout from this. In the aftermath of a very public and very ugly spat between the management and the manager it was Rafa that came out ahead in the popularity polls. But there aren’t too many ways this can be painted without Rafa coming off as a heartless ghoul. If he is looking to divide the camp again, he has done a bang up job of it.
It seems pretty evident that this might be the last season that sees one of Anfield’s favourite adopted sons donning the famous red jersey.
It must be asked: What would Jurgen have done?