Red Sox Nation at Camden Yards Monday

July 19, 2011 | Derek Halford

So who watched the game Monday? Well maybe some Orioles fans watched until the 8th inning. I was at the game and I was disappointed by no surprise. But before everybody starts blaming players, coaches, or the GM and owner, first look at us fans. I was at the game and all you hear is “LET’S GO RED SOX!!!”. This is supposed to be a home game with home field advantage and to the Orioles it probably feels like they are playing in Boston. There are so few fans at games, especially Red Sox and Yankees games, that you can look at the season as if the Orioles are playing all away games.

Are we just going to stop going to games until they start winning? If so, I dont care how good the team is, it’s pretty hard to play .500 ball playing all “away games” let alone playing half the season against the AL east which has 3 of the top 10 teams in the MLB.

The Orioles have good players such as Wieters, Jones, Markakis, and Hardy. We have a young pitching staff and you can’t expect them to be able to beat the Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees all year. It’s gonna take a while until they learn how to pitch vs. these teams. But they wont win unless us Oriole fans support them. Until you start seeing Camden Yards full of Orioles fans every game (and they still aren’t performing), you can’t put all the blame on the players, coaches, GM and owner.