Regardless Of All The Baggage – I’d Still Take Terrell Owens

October 09, 2009 |

Okay, once again, as I did back in March, I’ll be the guy to ask if Ravens fans are the least bit interested in the most repulsive player known to the NFL …..

It’s as simple as it was seven months ago – albeit, with a little twist, I’ll be mentioning, shortly. But, as I asked in early spring …..

“Should The Ravens Take A Look At Terrell Owens ?”

Admittedly, I didn’t dream up the “T.O. Question” all by myself, this time. My co-host on the Sunday Morning Blitz, Jason Jubb, actually reminded me of the prospect, as we discussed Braylon Edwards’ arrival in the Big Apple, earlier Thursday.

Of course, the situation is a bit different now, as opposed to when the Ravens had to consider the fragile task of navigating through an off-season, pre-season and FULL SEASON with the highly combustible wide receiver.

When I asked the question, prior to the Orioles losing their 1st of 98 games, the situation was much different ….. or was it?

The Ravens could use a deep threat – especially if the cost is minimal.

And, no, this has nothing to do with Mark Clayton dropping Joe Flacco’s pass, to quash the Ravens hopes, in New England, last Sunday. I’d like to think I’m not so inspired by knee-jerk reactions to adversity. I’m a fan of Mark Clayton and I think he’s still a viable ingredient for this organization.

But, as much as the Ravens could use an experienced, game-changing receiver, that same receiver can certainly use the Ravens …..

Owens could use a few months of catching footballs thrown by a legitimate #1 quarterback, who possesses the smarts, COOL and arm to get the job done.

It seems like a good fit – the Ravens and T.O. could conceivably USE EACH OTHER through the beginning of 2010 ….. and as long as the ride lasts.

Does Owens still possess the conflicted, and sometimes complicated characteristics that have left bridges burning as he departs one city after another, from San Francisco to Philadelphia to Dallas and now, Buffalo?

It’s a fair question.

I’m not sure anyone knows the answer, as a reality. But, we’re looking for the “cracks” right? Hell, lets be very honest, we’re looking for the freakin’ TRAINWRECK – each and every time T.O. walks up to the podium, following another Bills loss.

I’m not defending the guy – he’s earned every bit of criticism lobbed his way. But, it’s quite obvious the reporters are baiting him in each postgame press conference. They’re poking him with sticks, twigs and telephone poles.

And, I sense it’s coming.

You know what I mean. Each media exchange, which really appears to be a game of “verbal chess,” with blatantly inciting questions meeting coy, vague answers is getting more and more contentious.

The reporters are fanning T.O.’s smoldering coals, and he’s not extinguishing them. He basically bolts to meet reporters, at his earliest possible convenience, while holding court like the White House Press Secretary – and dressed like a dancer from a WHAM video – circa 1986.


Terrell Owens is a guy who needs to feed an insatiable ego. And, the diet consists of one thing – FOOTBALLS. There is no substitute. Right now, he’s starving to death and he’s about to let the world know it.

It might happen this week.

Trust me, if I suspect it, the Buffalo Bills certainly KNOW it. They’re in the eye of the storm. I’m just some slapdick with a blog, and a warped sense of worship for the great Bob Haynie.

I’d bet the Bills would like nothing more than to ship Terrell Owens somewhere – ANYWHERE – in exchange for a reason or two to study the 5th or 6th round of next year’s NFL Draft and some financial relief.

Wanna bet?

Now, lets talk about what’s left of the prolific “big man,” who’s known for his separation speed and reaching abilities. Is Terrell Owens still a deep threat? At 35, is he every bit as fit as ever?

The answer is HELL YES ….. I got the picture !!!!

We’re all hearing the catcalls and whispers that Owens has lost a step or three. He’s also rumored to be losing the ability to leap tall buildings. I’m not buying it. A receiver is only as good as his quarterback.

Conversely, a quarterback is only as good as his receiver.

The blunt truth is Owens still has “IT”.

Just look at the evidence …..

Terrell Owens can’t buy an easy reception with Trent Edwards throwing the ball – and a porous offensive line blocking. Meanwhile, Tony Romo is stinking up the new digs in Big-D. Hmmm ….. it’s amazing how good a quarterback can look with a couple gamebreaking options, as opposed to one.

And, for the record, Roy Williams can’t carry Owens’ lunch – or workload.

Don’t kid yourself, Terrell Owens can help the Baltimore Ravens. He would bring a deep threat potential to this offense. Joe Flacco can light him up like a Christmas Tree. I’ll guarantee it.

If the Buffalo Bills do follow the Cleveland Browns’ lead – and dump a restless, but talented wide receiver, it might be in Ozzie Newsome’s best interest to make a serious run at him.

I’ve outlined it – the Ravens could absolutely benefit from his T.O.’s talents …..

And, so can the competition. Believe that.

Have you considered Owens in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform? Nah, bad fit.

Have you considered Owens in a New England Patriots uniform? Nah, bad fit, again.

Now, stop for a second and really imagine Terrell Owens lining up as a wideout in an Indianapolis Colts uniform.

Scary thought, huh? For all the nay-sayers – do you still Terrell Owens is no longer a deep threat? Or, are you reconsidering, given the superb arm and smarts of Peyton Manning?

Joe Flacco might not be Manning’s contemporary, yet. But, he’s scary good and the difference between him and Trent Edwards – and the difference between the Ravens O-Line and the Buffalo Bills’ is enough to matter when it comes to the potential of Terrell Owens.

It just is.

Look, I’m not saying the Ravens should pursue a player – ANY PLAYER – simply from a desire NOT to see him ending up with a competitor. That’s a stupid proposition. But, this really is a two-fold scenario …..

Terrell Owens makes the Ravens a more dangerous team. He makes them a better team.

This Guy Would Have Alot Of Fun At BOURBON STREET
Yep, He’d Love SCORES-BALTIMORE !!!!

Regardless of everything else, he would help the Ravens’ ability to move the ball in the passing game and further enhance the running game. They haven’t needed it. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t – or shouldn’t look to improve.

It ain’t personal. It never is. It’s just football and he’s an asset.

But, the risk of Owens joining another team, like the Colts, and virtually propelling them right past the Ravens is a legitimate concern. Do you doubt me?

The Colts have plugged a hole – created by Anthony Gonzalez’s injury – with Pierre’ Garcon, Austin Collie and Hank Baskett. They’re making it work, but don’t think for a split-second that T.O. doesn’t make the Colts the most dangerous team in the game – PERIOD.

In fact, I’ll make you a devout guarantee …..

If the Colts acquire Owens and remain healthy, they’ll blow the Ravens off the field. Start the HATE MAIL now. It’s the truth. And, everyone who thinks with their head, and not their heart, knows it.

If you think Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers and Antonio Gates exploited the Ravens secondary, just wait …..

If you think Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Ben Watson exploited the Ravens secondary, just wait …..

Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Terrell Owens and Dallas Clark would leave marks that last for years.

Don’t let it happen, Ozzie.

If the Bills are selling – and I’d bet they’re willing to listen – pry T.O. off their roster. You wanna talk to him, first? That’s cool. In fact, it’s probably a very sensible idea.

But, short of hearing him say “Dude, I’m looking to burn down your castle,” I’m ready and willing to make a sensible offer. It’s a four month rental. The Ravens use Owens and Owens uses the Ravens.

It could be great combination.

However, if Terrell Owens falls into the lap of the Colts, instead, it could be a very long winter. Getting beat by the Colts is bad enough. But getting TORCHED by the Colts, with a guy who could’ve been here, would be very painful.

Don’t let it happen.